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The Race To No. 3 In Digital Advertising

market share, according to the same eMarketer report, Google and Facebook are also trending down, and will get a combined 56.8 percent of digital ad investment in 2018, down from 58.5 percent last year. As marketplace competition grows, that downward draft in their combined share of the industry pie is expected to continue through 2020, according again to eMarketer projections, (which are all net and not gross). Let’s look at the strengths of each of the contenders. Amazon has never been bashful about its ambitions, and brands aren’t blind to its distinct advantages. Martin Sorrell, just after he left the empire he created at WPP, wasn’t shy on stage in an interview with Terence Kawaja about touting Amazon’s muscle . Expected 2018 U.S. ad revenues: more than $2 billion, a 64% jump year over year (eMarketer) Despite the privacy mishap when Echo recorded a conversation and sent it out via email without permission, the performance of Amazon has had everyone agog, especially after it reported having achieved $2 billion in advertising sales in only the first quarter of this year , thereby matching the eMarketer estimate for the entire year. Wall Street prognosticators have made the case that Amazon’s total revenues could make it the first trillion-dollar business. With the announcement of the impressive numbers of its prime subscribers , somewhere over 100 million, and its 43% share of all online shopping, Amazon knows more than a thing or two about what everyone in advertising wants to know: who is buying what, who is thinking about buying what, and who is buying what again. Amazon owns so much information about the final step of the funnel that it could be the up-til-now missing link between marketing and attribution.

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