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Meet 73-Year-Old Streetwear God Charles Allcroft

He recalls a time when he shared an elevator at The Strand with a young, up-and-coming designer. “Someone told me he was working on his own brand. He wrote the name on a napkin in a freight elevator. Years passed and the brand began doing well,” he says. “It was Hood by most popular shopping sites Air.” His favorite brands range from what people would expect, like Supreme and fragment, to Enyce and COME TEES , a brand he discovered through Venus X’s store, Planet X . He also has an affinity for African designers like Jim King, N’ketiah Brakohipa, and Moshood. He has a soft spot for stores like Nepenthes, and appreciates how ”they honor the design of even a button.” Handmade African clothes and textiles add a worldly accent to the roomy SoHo loft he shares with his girlfriend, and actually vibe well with his collection of streetwear, which includes a pair of SNEEZE x Pro-Keds sneakers of which only 200 exist. As someone who describes his eclectic collection of streetwear grails and African designer gear as ”treasures,” it’s evident that Allcroft is a treasure himself. One of the last true free-thinking, self-confident SoHo weirdos (in online shopping sites list the best sense of the word) who flies his own flag.

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