Essential Elements For Wedding In The Usa

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Click here for pictures of the actress. (FlameFlyNet) kirsten-dunst:-no-makeup Kirsten Dunst: With makeup Dunst looked much better with bright-red lipstick and rosy-red chicks at the premiere of "The Two Faces of January" in London. (Reuters) kirsten-dunst:-with-makeup Renee Zellweger The "Bridget Jones' Diary" star got lots of attention in 2014 for her drastically revamped faced, left. She recently stepped out without makeup showing off her new facial features, without the warpaint. Click here to find out what Renee said about plastic surgery. (Reuters/ Splash ) renee-zellweger Kate Upton Women everywhere will be happy to know that even People's Sexiest Woman Alive has bad skin days. Kate Upton took a break from her usually made-up face and put her natural beauty (and imperfections) on full display. It's almost like she's human! Almost. See more photos of Kate without makeup.

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